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Presents Between Hedges

Our Festive Guide to 'Hedge the Halls' this Christmas: Day 5

The year is winding down, the days are growing shorter, and there is a scent of mulled wine drifting through the's too late to deny it: Christmas is well and truly on its way! And that means it's time to hedge the halls and get into the seasonal spirit with plenty of decorations, miles of twinkling lights, and a well-stocked cupboard of festive treats.

To help you out, we continue our series of festive tips to help you "hedge the halls", and make sure that the outside of your home is just as beautiful as the inside!

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Fun Fact: Joyful Berries

One sight that is common in Christmas decorations is bundles of bright holly berries, but did you know that holly bushes, often used in hedgerows, bear bright red berries in winter, symbolising joy and renewal?

Decorate Your Hedges with Glowing Gift Boxes

Looking for a unique way to bring your hedge decorations to life this year? Well, how about an array of glowing gift boxes to brighten up a dark winter's night and heighten the anticipation of Christmas presents on the horizon?

Presents Between Hedges

Prep the Hedge

Before you can get started with your festive decorations, take the time to tend to your hedge. Give it a trim and a thorough prune so that you can start with a neat base on which to build up your decorations. Remember, you want everyone to be able to see and enjoy your awesome gift box decorations!

Add Twinkling Lights

What's Christmas without twinkling lights? Wrap your hedges in beautiful strands of fairy lights for an extra sparkle and a warm feel of the season - try and experiment with different colours and tones to create a truly unique look!

Create Gift Boxes

Once your hedge is neat and prepped, it's time to get crafting. Cut out card shapes of various sizes and create fun gift box decorations for your hedges - use lots of vibrant colours, ribbons, and decorations for a festive feel. To make sure they stay in place, use garden staples to secure them to the hedge.

If you really want to get creative, add small battery powered lights inside the boxes for an illuminated effect, and try adding a few larger decorations around the bottom of the hedge to finish off your festive look.

If crafts really aren't your thing, don't panic - you can still achieve an awesome festive look with some pre-made decorations from the store, and add lights and ribbons to finish it off.

Enjoy Your Handiwork!

Once your gift boxes are in place, you can sit back with a glass of Christmas-spiced mulled wine and admire your handiwork. Whether you've gone all out crafting or opted for store-bought decorations, your hedges are sure to look festive this year.

So, don't forget to hedge the halls and enjoy a beautiful Christmas at home - don't forget to share your creations with us on social media; we can't wait to see your creativity in action!

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