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LED Lights On Hedges

Our Festive Guide to 'Hedge the Halls' this Christmas: Day 4

The time of year has arrived. If you listen very carefully, the faint sounds of jingling bells can be heard just over the horizon, accompanied by the clatter reindeer hooves, the rustle of wrapping paper, and the soft crackling of a fireplace. The most wonderful time of year is fast approaching, and the time has come to decorate for Christmas!

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Fun Fact: A Jingle Bell Soundscape

While Christmas decorations most commonly take the form of glittering lights, miles of shiny tinsel, and a well-stocked tree, there is one area of your home that may be getting into the festive spirit without you even realising. Did you know that the rustling sound of wind through a hedge can often be reminiscent of jingling bells, creating a natural festive melody that lends the perfect backdrop to the celebrations? With your hedge playing such as major role, why not make sure that it is part of the celebrations with a plethora of fantastic decorations? Looking for inspiration? Then you are in the perfect place!

Before You Decorate

To ensure that your hedge is ready for the festivities, it’s important to take some time before you start decorating to make sure that it is in good condition. First, check for any damage or disease that may have occurred during the summer months and prune away if necessary - this is also a good chance to give the hedge a general tidy up, to allow the decorations to be displayed to their full glory! You should also make sure to fertilise your hedge so that it remains healthy and strong throughout winter into spring.

LED Lights On Hedges

Decorate Your Hedge: Festive Garlands

Once you are happy with the condition of your hedge, it’s time to get creative and start decorating. There are so many options available, from simple lights to intricate snow-covered decorations - or why not try creating your very own festive garland to hang?

This is a simple project - you ’ll need a piece of string or ribbon, some festive decorations such as baubles or star shapes, and a few jingle bells for a truly magical touch. Simply tie the decorations onto the ribbon with plenty of space between them and add in a few jingle bells for an extra festive feel. Then simply hang it up around your hedge with some nails or clips and you are good to go!

Alternatively, why not create a "living" garland using some of the foliage you have pruned from your hedge? This is a great way to add some natural decorations to your hedge, and with the addition of a few jingle bells, can create a truly wonderful soundscape. Just weave together the foliage with some lights, pinecones, berries, and other festive items, and hang the garland around the hedge for a stunning addition to your garden.

Hedge the Halls this Christmas

With these tips, you can create your very own festive soundscape. Adding jingle bells to your decorations is an easy way to add a little extra cheer and festivity to your home, and with a few simple steps, your hedge will be ready to go - so let's get celebrating! 

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