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Christmas nutcracker hedge decorations

Our Festive Guide to 'Hedge the Halls' this Christmas: Day 1

The Halloween decorations have been packed away, Bonfire Night is a distant memory, and the nights are drawing in - there's only one think it could mean: Christmas is well and truly on the way! With the festive season almost upon us, we thought it's the perfect opportunity to help you transform your garden into a festive wonderland.

We're starting our 'Hedge the Halls' countdown to Christmas. We'll be sharing 6 posts, each with a fun hedge fact and a decoration idea all the way to the big day. If you have hedges in your garden, why not use them as the backdrop for some truly magical decorations? We have plenty of fun ideas coming your way...

 Mathias Nurseries frosty hedge at Christmas

Fun Fact: Santa's Sleigh Windbreak - A Historical Connection

As well as offering security and a pleasant aesthetic for your garden, did you know that hedges traditionally also had another purpose: to shelter and protect homes from biting winter winds? Hedges have long been used to create windbreaks, and this tradition dates back centuries - so all the more reason for you to carry it on in serious style with a festive transformation!

Decorating Your Hedges This Christmas - Nutcracker Guard

Decorating your hedges for Christmas is an easy way to add a touch of festive cheer to your outdoor space. Not only can it be a fun activity for all the family to get involved in, but it also creates a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor Christmas celebrations. Whether you opt for classic fairy lights, Nutcracker guards, ornaments and wreaths, there's no limit to the magic you can create with a little imagination - and we have a host of ideas to help get you started!

So, without further ado, here are some of our top tips to help you transform an everyday hedge into a magnificent winter wonderland!

Christmas nutcracker hedge decorations

1. Tidy Your Hedge

Start by trimming your hedge so that it’s neat and tidy. A neat hedge will make it easier to hang decorations and will also look much more impressive when the decorations are in place. It also means that you will be able to see and enjoy the smaller elements such as lights and decorations more easily!

2. Add Sparkle With Fairy Lights

The next step is to weave fairy lights through your hedge - this simple step can instantly transform standard foliage into an illuminated winter wonderland! Alternating between different colours of light is a great way to create an even more spectacular effect, and you can always add extra decorations such as baubles or bows to really bring your hedge to life.

Remember to always use LED lights for outside decorations, as these are much safer and more energy efficient.

3. Create a Nutcracker Guard

Now time for the main event: make your festive hedge really stand out with a majestic Nutcracker guard of honour! Imagine the classic Nutcracker statues standing tall at intervals along your hedge, standing guard and adding a touch of traditional Christmas flair. These iconic figures, with their vibrant colours and whimsical expressions, not only celebrate the season but also create a festive atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Simply get your hands on a selection of Nutcracker statues, and line them up at regular intervals along your hedge. You can also add a few wreaths and garlands to further enhance the look, and create a magical pathway for Santa and his sleigh.

4. Add Some Ornaments

Once your Nutcracker guards are in place, it’s time to add some extra decorations. This could be anything from hanging baubles to decorative snowflakes or even a few festive signs - don't forget to add a few garlands and wreaths too! Make sure to vary the colours and shapes you use so that you create an interesting display.

When it comes to hanging your decorations, always use good-quality hooks and ties so that they don't come loose in bad weather.

Bring the Festive Spirit To Life With The Ultimate Winter Wonderland

Hedges may be practical and functional - but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! With a little imagination and a few decorations, you can create an amazing winter wonderland that will bring the festive spirit to life. So don your Santa hat, embrace your inner elf, and start decorating those hedges - it's time to hedge the halls!

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