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Four Christmas Singers

Our Festive Guide to 'Hedge the Halls' this Christmas: Day 3

The temperature has dropped, the snow may arrive any minute, and a break is right around the corner. It's time to get in the holiday spirit and create a winter wonderland in your home - including in the garden! With the right decorations, you can transform a humble hedge into a festive, frosty foliage display - and we have all the advice you need.

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Fun Fact: The Perfect Frosty Foliage

While popular winter scenes typically depict bare trees and empty hedgerows, there are certain hedge varieties, like the wintergreen boxwood, which maintain their vibrant green colour even in the frostiest weather. By making sure that you have a good selection of evergreen hedges in your outdoor space, you can ensure that your festive foliage will look its best all season long.

Why Add Decorations to Your Hedge?

While we all decorate the inside of our home during the festive period, the plants and spaces outdoors too often get neglected and forgotten. By adding decorations to your hedge, you can make sure that even your outdoor area looks festive and inviting and bring the Christmas spirit to life through every aspect of your home.

Four Christmas Singers

What Decorations Should You Choose: Christmas Caroler Cutouts

The type of decorations you choose for your hedge will depend on the size and shape of your hedgerow, as well as the time available to decorate it. To make sure that your outdoor space looks its best this Christmas, consider light-weight decorations and creative ideas - we explored a few of these below.

Strings of Fairy Lights

Nothing says "Christmas" quite like a string of pretty fairy lights. Wrap them around the branches of your hedge or use wire to hang them from the top - you can even get creative and wrap them in patterns or spell out festive words.

Glittery Garlands

Garlands are a great way to add extra holiday cheer to your hedge without taking up too much space. Opt for glittery varieties or ones with festive motifs and hang them either from the branches or around the base of your hedge.

Paper Snowflakes

If you’re looking for a more traditional decoration, why not make your own paper snowflakes? All you need is some white card, scissors, and a steady hand - simply cut out snowflake shapes and hang them from the branches of your hedge! Just remember to place these under shelter, or in plastic to help them survive the elements!

Victorian Carol Singer Scene

Want to add a vintage touch to your festive fun? Then create your very own traditional Victorian choir to decorate your hedge! Use cut-outs of carollers singing a host of festive tunes and add these all along the length of your hedge to enjoy a touch of vintage charm!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

With a few simple decorations, you can transform your ordinary hedgerow into a festive, frosty foliage display that will bring the joy of Christmas to all who see it. So, this year, hedge the halls and enjoy a winter wonderland in your very own garden - and let the Mathias team offer all the advice and guidance you need to keep your hedges looking their very best.

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