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ploughing for new hedge planting

Mud on the Tyres and Ploughing

We’ve been getting some mud on the tyres this week. We’ve been out in the tractor getting a bit of ploughing done in our open ground nursery ready for planting our next crop of hedge plants. Our land is rested between crops to allow the ground to recover and usually we plant a cover crop that helps put a lot of goodness back into the soil before we plant our next crop of hedge plants. When the ground is ready, we then plough it and cultivate it to create a smooth planting bed before planting rows and rows of hedging plants and trees.

Many of the plants we grow will stay in our open ground nursery for several years before they are lifted either for sale or lifted for potting into containers on our container nursery. We therefore have to plan several years ahead with our planting schedule as we are planting crops now that might not end up in your garden for three, four or maybe even five years time. Throughout the time that they are growing in our open ground nursery, we trim their branches to create dense hedging plants and we also root prune to create fibrous root growth. All of this means that the quality of plant that ultimately ends up being sold to the customer is a uniformed bushy plant that will establish quickly and thicken out into a hedge.

Some plants lend themselves much better to open ground field production, including portuguese laurel, hornbeam, thuja and yew.

There is an increasing demand for UK grown plants and to have control of the whole supply chain is extremely important for us. We know the origin of all of our plants and stand by the quality of every plant that leaves our nursery. We believe that our standard of production is as high as can be found anywhere in the UK and we are hugely proud of the quality of every single one of our plants. Most garden centres these days and many online retailers rely on selling foreign stock and simply act as traders of plants.

For more information on the plants that we have available or to arrange a visit to view our stock, please call us on 01252 714552 or to fully follow our daily activities, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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