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Tree Tie

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Our Tree Ties are a must for securing larger trees to support stakes and are ideal for using when planting larger trees such as pleached hedging or standard trees. You will need to purchase a Tree Stake to go with this tie to attach the tie to your tree.

A Tree Stake should be used by driving the post into the ground at a 45 degree angle until at least 1ft (30cm) is in the ground but depending on soil types, they could be driven into a depth of 2ft (60cm). Using a Tree Tie, the post should then be attached to the trunk of your tree to stop it blowing over in strong winds and give it extra support.

For more information on whether your plants need Tree Ties and Stakes, please call us on 01252 714552 or email us at

Pleached hedging is the art of training living branches of trees to create a raised hedging screen with a bare trunk or stem underneath. Not all trees are suitable for pleaching, but we supply a range of pleached trees that are ready for planting with instant effect. Common varieties suitable for pleaching include hornbeam, field maple and lime trees. We also supply a range of trees suitable for planting as specimen trees in gardens or in landscape design plans. All of these trees should be secured by using Tree Stakes and Tree Ties to prevent damage during strong winds.


Should you require delivery, a delivery charge will be calculated based on your postcode and added at the checkout stage. Collection from our nursery at GU10 2BH is free of charge.