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General Purpose Fertiliser

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Growmore Garden Fertiliser is a blend of balanced nutrients for healthy gardens and can be used as a base or top dressing, not just for hedging and shrubs but is useful for most other garden plants and builds soil fertility. It is an easy to use granular feed that is ideal for encouraging stronger, healthier plant growth.

This garden fertiliser provides the three major plant nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) in equal proportions, making it a superb general purpose feed for use all around the garden. Its balance of nutrients ensures even stimulation of growth in all plant parts meaning abundant foliage and a strong root system, all of which is important in all hedging plants.

It can be applied every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February until the end of October (plant and weather dependent). Use garden fertiliser as a top dressing (sprinkled on the soil surface), or as a base dressing (worked into the soil using a spade or garden hoe). During dry weather, water before and after application.

One handful of Growmore Garden Fertiliser is about 35g (1.25oz). If applying to established plants, apply 135g/sq.m (5oz/sq.yd) around the base of the plants and gently fork into the soil surface without disturbing the roots. Alternatively, sprinkle the granules over the soil surface around the stem of the plant and water in well. If using at the time of planting, scatter 135g/sq.m (5oz/sq.yd) into the bottom of the planting hole and mix well with the soil or compost when refilling the hole.

Growmore Garden Fertiliser is available in either 4kg or 10kg. If you are unsure how much fertiliser you need, contact us and we will happily advise you.

If you are unsure on what accessories and products you require to go with your hedging plants, please do not hesitate to call us on 01252 714552 or email us on


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