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Castlewellan Gold 6-7ft (180-210cm) in a 10lt pot

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Planting a 7ft Castlewellan Gold hedge is a quick option to achieving that all important eye level-privacy relatively instantly and these Castlewellan Gold hedge plants are all 6-7ft (180-210cm) and have been clipped to ensure that they will create a dense hedge after planting.

Castlewellan Gold are marginally slower growing than standard leylandii and these plants will put on 2ft (60cm) each year if left untrimmed and so it will not take long for these plants to produce a Castlewellan Gold hedge at the required height to give eye level privacy.

Once the plants have reached their desired height, we recommend that it be trimmed at that height which will both encourage side growth and restrict upward growth to a manageable amount. A Castlewellan Gold hedge needs to be trimmed annually in the spring or autumn. We recommend trimming in the early spring before a new flush of growth to ensure that the hedge shows off the best of its golden yellow colour.

Castlewellan Gold hedge plants should be planted 2ft (60cm) apart and if they are planted during the drier summer months, they must be properly watered in their first year to ensure that they establish properly. This is best done using leaky hose which is cheap, easy to install and very effective.

More information about planting a 7ft Castlewellan Gold hedge can be found on the Castlewellan Gold category page.

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