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watering right

Watering - the right and wrong way

Follow the Golden Rules of Watering in the year of planting to allow your hedge to flourish – it’s easy!

Container grown plants can be planted all the year round and establish quicker than field grown plants. If you plant between November and the end of February watering will most probably not be an issue – unless of course global warming changes everything! If you plant during the rest of the year you should plant container grown plants and follow the basic rules of watering for the first growing season.

Golden Rule 1. Use Leaky Hose to water your hedge. DO NOT water by hand with your thumb over the end of the hose or with a watering can which is a complete waste of your time. In reality all you are doing is wetting the first two inches of the surface and the rest runs off. In the meantime most of the roots of your plants will become increasingly dry and then you’ll wonder why your hedge is looking sad and not growing. It could even die in a dry spell.

Golden Rule 2. DO water adequately to ensure that the water soaks right in to the bottom of the roots. This is best done by using leaky hose (also known as soaka-hose or porous pipe). Leaky Hose is cheap, easy to use, water efficient and very effective. After planting lay leaky hose on the surface at the base of your hedge and immediately run it for 3-4 hours to soak the roots of your plants ensuring that the water reaches the bottom of the roots. Tip – leaky hose has a rough surface so if you weave it through your plants be careful not to damage the bark on your plants.

Golden Rule 3. DO water regularly, which means routinely watering your plants at least once every week for 3-4 hours throughout the summer and not just when they look wilted or you think about it. Tip – during exceptionally dry and hot spells you may need to water twice or even three times a week. If you go away for three weeks and fail to water you can expect your hedge to suffer or die. You wouldn’t go away and not feed your cat or dog would you – your hedge also needs water to survive.

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