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potted laurel hedge

7 Surprising Benefits of Potted Laurel Hedging

As spring transitions into summer, gardeners are presented with a prime opportunity to revitalise their landscapes. At Mathias Nurseries we are passionate about helping you create thriving gardens. While we offer a variety of plant options, this time of year particularly highlights the advantages of choosing potted laurel hedging. In this article, we’ll explore seven surprising benefits of potted laurel plants and why they are an excellent choice for your garden.  Laurel is often referred to as Cherry Laurel or Common Laurel, but it is all the same thing – it’s full name is Prunus laurocerasus.

Before diving into the benefits of potted laurels, let's first understand what rootballed and container grown plants are, and how they differ.

What is Potted Laurel Hedging?

Potted laurel hedging refers to laurel plants that are grown and sold in containers. These plants have an established root system within the pot, allowing for more flexibility in planting. Potted laurels can be planted at any time of the year, as their roots are protected and sustained by the potting compost. This makes them a convenient option for gardeners who prefer to plant outside the traditional rootball planting season or need more time to prepare their garden space.

What is Rootballed Laurel Hedging?

Rootballed laurel heding consists of plants that are grown in our fields and dug up for sale with a ball of soil around their roots which is wrapped in a biodegradeable hessian material. These plants are typically lifted from the ground during their dormant season, which runs from late autumn to early spring. Rootballed laurels are certainly an economical choice, as they are cheaper to produce and offer good value for money. However, they need to be planted promptly after purchase to ensure their roots do not dry out and to minimise transplant shock. This planting window is limited to their dormant period, making their availability seasonal. Although the rootball season varies each year with weather patterns, it is simply not possible to safely sell rootballed laurels with a realistic chance of success after early spring.  Be incredibly cautious of other online plant retailers who are often inclined to sell you their leftover stock at the end of the season knowing full well that it stands a good chance of failing in your garden.

The Benefits of Potted Laurel Hedging

1. Year-Round Availability

One of the most compelling benefits of potted laurel hedging is its availability throughout the year. Unlike rootballed varieties, which are only available and suitable for planting during specific seasons, potted laurels can be purchased and planted at any time. This flexibility allows you to plan and execute projects whenever needed, without being constrained by the planting seasons. Whether you decide to plant in summer or early winter, potted laurels are ready when you are.

2. No Immediate Planting Required

Potted laurels offer a significant advantage in that they do not need to be planted immediately upon purchase. Because they are grown in containers, their root systems are well-established and self-contained. This means you can buy potted laurels and keep them in their pots until you are ready to plant (assuming you keep them well watered of course). This is particularly useful if you’re waiting for the right weather, finalising your garden design, or if unforeseen circumstances delay your planting plans. The ability to delay planting reduces stress and allows for greater flexibility in your gardening schedule.

3. Easy Handling and Transport

Transporting and handling potted laurel plants is much easier and less risky compared to rootballed plants. The container protects the roots, minimising the chance of damage during transit. This ensures that when you’re ready to plant, your laurels are in optimal condition. Additionally, the ease of handling potted plants makes them a practical choice for gardeners of all experience levels. You don’t have to worry about delicate roots or intricate planting techniques – simply remove the pot and you are ready to plant.  Potted laurels are also typically much lighter than rootballed laurels as the compost that their roots are contained within is much lighter than the soil around the roots of rootballed laurels.

4. Enhanced Growth and Immediate Visual Impact

Potted laurels often exhibit more robust growth than rootballed laurels because they have been nurtured in a controlled environment with ideal compost and root conditions. When you plant a potted laurel, you’re introducing a healthy, thriving plant into your garden. This results in quicker establishment and a more immediate visual impact. Your garden will benefit from healthy, green foliage faster, providing the privacy, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefits you want.

5. Reduced Transplant Shock

Transplanting is the act of us digging up our rootballed plants out of the ground and it can be a stressful process for plants, often leading to transplant shock, which can stunt growth. Potted laurels, however, experience significantly less transplant shock. Since they are already growing in a contained compost environment, they adapt more easily to being moved to your garden soil. This smoother transition increases the likelihood of successful establishment and growth, making potted laurels a reliable choice for your hedging needs.  You will achieve a much greater rate of growth in the first year by using potted laurels compared to rootballed laurels.

6. Versatility in Garden Design

Potted laurels offer versatility in garden design. At Mathias Nurseries, we provide a wide range of potted laurel varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect size, shape, and type for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to create a tall, dense privacy hedge or a shorter, decorative border, there’s a size of potted laurel to match what you want. Their year-round availability also means you can mix and match different varieties to achieve a dynamic and visually appealing landscape.

7. Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

While the initial cost of potted laurels may be higher than bare-root plants, the long-term benefits often make them a more cost-effective choice. Potted laurels are less likely to suffer from transplant shock or damage during handling, leading to higher survival rates and less need for replacements as well as a better rate of growth in the first year after planting. Additionally, because they are already established and healthy, they require less intensive care and maintenance to thrive. This means you can enjoy a low-maintenance hedge without the constant worry of plant failure or the need for intervention.

Potted Laurel Hedging with Mathias Nurseries

As the gardening season progresses, the advantages of potted laurel hedging become increasingly clear. Their year-round availability, ease of handling, robust growth, and reduced transplant shock make them an excellent choice for gardeners looking to enhance their landscapes with minimal hassle. At Mathias Nurseries, we are committed to providing high-quality potted laurels that will suit your garden’s needs.

Did you also know that in line with our commitment to cutting down our plastic useage, that you can bring your plastic pots back to our nursery where they will either be reused or recycled?

Browse our extensive selection of potted laurel plants and discover the perfect addition to your garden.

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