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Hornbeam (Heavy Standard Tree) 10ft (300cm) Rootballed

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Due to their size, delivery is quoted on an individual basis as they are too tall to fit on pallets.  Please telephone us on 01252 714552 to discuss delivery options or we will telephone you after you place your order to discuss transport arrangements.  

These are a bigger and heavier grade of Hornbeam than our regular crop which have a thicker girth and a heavier crown.  They will all have a stem girth of at least 12-14cm.

These standard hornbeam trees are rootballed, that is to say that they have been grown in the field and are supplied with a ball of soil dug around the roots which is wrapped in hessian.  They should be planted in their hessians which will quickly rot away and new root growth will push through in the spring. They are all 10ft (300cm) in height.

These rootballed standard Hornbeam trees create a striking addition to a garden and can be a highly effective way to add a larger feature to the garden.

Hornbeam is a very traditional form of trees and is native to the UK. The first green leaves of the year are synonymous with the arrival of spring and the leaves will remain green until the autumn when they will turn a golden-copper brown colour. Hornbeam, unlike many of its deciduous competitors, will retain its dead leaves on the hedge for most of the winter and they will only be pushed off by new growth the following spring. This helps a hornbeam hedge to give an added level of visual privacy all year round.

Hornbeam are much more tolerant of wet and heavy soils than beech but if you are planting during the drier months of the year, it is important to water them properly during their first year after planting. This is best done using leaky hose which is cheap, easy to install and highly effective. See our Accessories page for more details.

More information on hornbeam can be found on the hornbeam hedging category page.

For more information about Hornbeam (Heavy Standard Tree) 10ft (300cm) Rootballed or to discuss alternative products, call us on 01252 714552 or email us on


Should you require delivery, a delivery charge will be calculated based on your postcode and added at the checkout stage. Collection from our nursery at GU10 2BH is free of charge.