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Copper Beech Hedging 150-175cm Bare Root

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Using bare root copper beech plants is an economic way to plant a copper beech hedge without costing a fortune. These plants are a medium sized option being 150-175cm (5-6ft) tall and are a cost effective way to plant a good sized copper beech hedge using bare root plants. Being bare root means that these copper beech are dug straight from the field and are sold without any soil around their roots. They should be planted as soon as possible after purchasing to avoid the roots drying out.

Copper Beech is a purple version of Common (Green) Beech and its Latin name is Fagus sylvatica purpurea. Instead of its leaves being green like normal beech, its leaves come out in purple shades that can look very attractive. Like normal beech, copper beech leaves will turn a golden-copper brown colour in the autumn and will remain on the tree all winter and they will only be pushed off by new growth the following spring. This helps a beech hedge to give an added level of visual privacy all year round.

Some people enjoy planting the occasional random copper beech hedge plants within a green beech hedge to add a striking element to the hedge.

These plants will put on around 1-1.5ft (30-45cm) of growth a year after planting and should be trimmed at their desired height when it is reached to encourage the hedge to thicken out into a denser barrier.

Bare root copper beech should be planted 45cm apart in a single row or 60cm apart in a double row.

Bare root copper beech hedge plants respond well to using Rootgrow which helps the plants produce a secondary system of roots. It is also important if deer and rabbits are prolific in your planting area to use spiral tree guards to protect them.

More information on beech hedges can be found on the beech hedging category page.

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