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Specials and Clearance

As we are commercial wholesale growers, we produce large quantities of plants.  All of our plants are living products so at the end of each batch we sometimes have plants that, whilst perfectly healthy, are second grade and not quite as good as we would normally like them to be.  When we have these end of batch stocks, we can offer them at cheaper prices than our main stock to make space for the next crop on our nursery - prices in this section reflect this.  Browse the collection and find yourself a bargain if you don't need top quality plants for your project.

In addition, at certain times of the year we need to clear large quantities of our premium quality plants to make space on our nursery for new crops and these plants will also appear in this section.  If you need large quantities of stock, please do telephone us to discuss your requirements and whether we are able to offer you a better price.

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Please check back to this section of the site occasionally as stock here will change regularly.

Likewise, if you are looking for plants that are not up to our usual standard and looking for a cheaper price, feel free to call and enquire as we invariably always have some plants available which might fit the bill for your requirements.